There are several places you can purchase marijuana in states where it has been legalized but where can you smoke it? This is a common problem which many people who love smoking marijuana face. Most might leave their vacation on a high note, but they may learn that they will have to pay $400 in fines for smoking in their hotel room. If you live in or visit a state which is quite uptight about smoking clubs, finding a place to smoke your marijuana legally may be hard. You would want to enjoy your holiday as you smoke your pot so below is a guide to 420-friendly hotels and recreational dispensary near me.

It might be hard to find hotels that openly welcome marijuana lovers, but there are such. These hotels offer comfortable private rooms which ensure that you enjoy a quality joint of cannabis.

Some hotels prefer to remain anonymous when a customer is booking a stay with them to protect identity. They use a tours company to handle the bookings and rentals. They do not allow you to rent 420-friendly rooms through them. Some of the features of such hotels include vaporizer or marijuana friendly rooms, an in-house bar, and restaurant, outdoor gym, and pool and a video arcade.

You will find websites dedicated to providing a detailed, up-to-date list of hotels and private residences which are 420-friendly. These sites are mostly operated by tours and travel companies which support marijuana smoking. These companies also provide courses where you can look to cook with cannabis; they offer trips of a marijuana grow and provide private in-room cannabis massages. They also provide 420-friendly limo services which will drive you around the state you intend to visit. They can even rent you dab rigs and vapor! In case you are looking for some real fun, these companies are there for you.

Some five-star hotels also provide a marijuana vacation experience if you prefer luxury and comfort. They offer celebrity-chef menus, high-end boutique services, and in-room spa services. These hotels have cafes which serve marijuana-infused coffee, private smoking balconies, rooftop lounges and bottle-service night clubs.

If you find it challenging to choose the best 420-friendly hotels Denver, you can go to a major search engine and find a tours company which caters for marijuana tourism. They will provide you with the best deals on 420-friendly hotels and classes and tours that offer you a great look at what happens behind the scenes in the cannabis industry.

Read http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/12/budbreakfast-pot-hotel-colorado_n_7259292.html for more info.


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